ACTION TEAM 5:Business Management



Regional Goal: NKY is recognized for culture of contribution, through service learning in schools and full engagement of business community in schools.

Business Engagement Toolkit “Be the Catalyst”

The Northern Kentucky Education Council’s Business Engagement Action Team has developed a toolkit for business engagement in education. Highlighted programs include B.E.S.T, One to One Reading, Service Learning, Work Ethic Diploma, Junior Achievement and Career Connections. Learn how your business can make an impact in education through specific opportunities outlined in the toolkit.

Click here to download a PDF version of the toolkit.

NKY Business Engagement Reporting Tool

      The Northern Kentucky Education Council Action Team 5 is charged with increasing impactful engagement of the business community in our schools that produce measurable results.

     A key initiative of Action Team 5 is the Business Engagement Reporting Tool.  We partnered with Community Systems Group, a Ready by 21 partner and, the NKY Chamber of Commerce to develop a pilot online tool to track business involvement in schools and connect these activities to our regional education outcomes.

     Action Team 5 is currently working to secure funding and develop an enhanced reporting tool.  Specific input from businesses and schools regarding business engagement will enable us to generate the most accurate picture of business engagement in schools throughout Northern Kentucky.