NaviGo Scholars

NaviGo Scholars is a distinctive one-on-one coaching and mentoring program for high school students. Unlike any other program available to high school students in our region, NaviGo Scholars engages businesses in the future of these students and responds to business demands for a trained and educated workforce to meet the region’s future needs.

For the program’s launch, five business partners — Toyota, Duke Energy, Citi, The Bank of Kentucky, and Heritage Bank — have chosen 33 NaviGo Scholars from 14 high schools in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. These students will have the opportunity to work through a multifaceted, tiered curriculum developed to address the challenges of transitioning to college or career after high school and to empower and enhance students on their path to success. NaviGo Scholars is designed to guide high school students to determine realistic options for college or a career based on their personal interests, academic preparation, and financial realities.

The program is offered by NKYEC through contracted services with NaviGo College and Career Prep Services, a locally-based educational services company founded by respected educator Tim Hanner. The program costs are fully supported through student scholarships awarded by the participating corporate partners.

To offer this opportunity to more students at additional schools in the region, Northern Kentucky Education Council invites companies to be NaviGo Scholar partners. To learn more, contact the Council at 859.282.9214 or via this contact form.

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Thank you to our wonderful business partners!