Coach Resources

Coach Resources

March 23, 2015 Coach Development Session

A Tornado is Coming”

Anticipation Guide Fluency

Fluency Rubric

Fluency Toolkit

Dolch Word List

Do My Best Worksheet

Fry Instant (1st 100) Phrases

Second 100 Phrases

Third 100 Phrases

Graph for How Many Sight Words


“Sorry” Game

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Books with Repetive or Predictable Phrases
  • Fun Books to Use with Students
  • Fun Read Alouds for Second Graders
  • Good Books to Use with Second Grade Readers
  • Good Readalouds for Kindergarteners
  • Good Readalouds with African American Characters
  • Picture books featuring African American Girl Characters
  • Rhyming Books for Young Readers
  • Great Books for Kids in Second Grade
  • Great Books for Kids in First Grade
  • Newer Picture Books Ages 4+
  • Great Newer Books for Kindergarteners
  • Fiction and Non-Fiction Paired Books

Open House Materials

  • Comprehension
  • Fluency

February 2013 Open House/Journaling

  • Ask Yourself
  • Character Traits
  • Comparing Stories
  • Reading Responses
  • Sequencing Activities
  • Story Map
  • T-Chart
  • Venn Diagram

iPad App List (recommended apps to supplement current toolkit resources-recommended no more than 10 minutes per session)

iPad Helpful Tips


Planning your Coaching Session PDF

Reporting on your Coaching Session PDF